Become A Networking Maven

We’ve all gone to a few networking events in the past, and some of us have even planned our fair share (PS, email us at if you need help planning one! Haha).

It’s always a funny thing trying to find your groove at a networking event. It’s a whole bunch of strangers who are collected in one space with the intent of getting to know you and what you do in a few brief moments. To help turn you into a networking pro, we’ve come up with some tips to remember at your next networking function!

Plan Ahead: Try to get a good idea of who might be attending the networking function. Is it specific to a certain industry? Be proactive in trying to have ideas for conversation starters.

Come Up With An Elevator Speech: It’s good to have something prepared so that way when people ask you what exactly it is you do, or why you’re here, you can answer in an educated and chic way. Now make sure it doesn’t sound so impersonal when you say it, so just use it as a frame of reference when you’re chatting the night away!

Meet The Guest of Honor: While it may seem intimidating, try to muster up courage and introduce yourself to the guest of honor. This might be the host of the networking event, the keynote speaker, or a local celebrity. And preferably introduce yourself to them prior to their highlighted speaking time to avoid the crowd of people trying to meet them immediately after.

Let Them Talk: Always remember that people love to talk about themselves! So if you’re running out of things to say or just need to get the conversation rolling, try and ask questions where they can talk about themselves! Believe us, it works like a charm!

Time To Network,