Let Me Buy You A Drink

Have you attended an event with an open bar? Maybe a wedding or corporate function? As a guest, this concept of unlimited drinks may make the event seem amazing (and even a little blurry after a couple shots), but as the host, sometimes the bill can be way too much!

There are pros and cons to having an open bar or a cash bar! Let’s go over them:

Open Bar


  • Enhances guest interaction
  • Creates a relaxed environment


  • Guests become drunk and unruly
  • Expensive

Cash Bar:


  • Ability to control costs ahead of time
  • Allows guests to focus on other elements at the event


  • Guest might be expecting more
  • Need to have other great alternatives

Another option to have a good balance of guest hospitality and positive experience, along with budget control, is to potentially offer one complimentary drink to guests. We’ve seen clients do this with their fundraisers, and it’s been a great hit! It gets the guests started and makes them feel like the host went out of their way to provide a complimentary beverage.

For The Good Hawaii can help you navigate through all the options when it comes to handling your drink tab and find the option that best fits for you! To schedule a complimentary consultation, email aloha@forthegoodhawaii.com.