The Brow Factor

Eyebrows on Fleek?

Eyebrow maintenance is a “chore” that most women have to take into consideration every month. If you’re like me, it feels more like every two to three weeks. And if you’re still like me, you started shaping your own eyebrows in your bathroom mirror with the tweezers you found in your mom’s vanity set (what a disaster). Thankfully, I got advice from more experienced women to get them professionally done. Now, the most difficult decision in getting your eyebrows done is whether to get them threaded or waxed. Both have pros and cons and definitely depends on your preference.

Threading: Pros

  • No tools or chemicals used except thread which is disposed after every use.
  • No irritation from chemicals or burns from hot wax.
  • Usually faster; takes on average two minutes each eyebrow to thread if done by a professional.

Threading: Cons

  • If done incorrectly, threading breaks hair follicle instead of pulling hair by the root, making hair grow back faster.

Waxing: Pros

  • Smooth results that last for weeks.
  • Waxing reduces regrowth over time so hair won’t grow as fast or at all.

Waxing: Cons

  • Waxing is mildly painful. The wax might be too hot depending on one’s heat tolerance and the sensation may last after the wax.
  • Sensitive skin may break out in rash and those using topical dermatologic creams may be in danger to injury because skin is thinner.

Every experience is different for everybody. I have some girlfriends who thread their eyebrows like it’s their religion while the other half are devout waxers who won’t dare to try anything else. When you make your decision, make sure to do your research on the salon or brow specialist you will be going to and observe their sanitation processes. It’s important! Remember: eyebrows on point, life on point. They help accentuate your already pretty eyes!

Wax On... Wax Off