Best Music For Your Event

Everyone loves music. It makes people happy. And let's face it, an event would be absolutely boring without the liveliness that certain music brings.

There's nothing better than a night out with good friends, good conversation, delicious drinks, and fun music. The question of the day is: which format are you getting the music from? Because it actually does make a big difference.

In this day and age there's more options for music for events than just having a live band. You could also have a professional DJ or "DIY" formats such as your own iPod playlist or a friend or family playing DJ. As with anything else, there are pros and cons to each option.

A live band is kind of the road less traveled now days. Hiring bands for your event can get pretty pricey and having to rely on more than one person increases your chances of them canceling on you. It's also very hard for a band to play a wide variety of songs. However, if you are looking for a fun, in your face, visible format for your music then hiring a band might be something you want to look into. 

A professional DJ is the most popular choice these days. They are typically cheaper than a band and they bring all of their own equipment. They can play literally any song you want and they can also judge the mood of the crowd to better adjust the genre of music they are playing to suit the guests best. They're fun, interactive, and, all in all, they're a really good choice for an event.
For people who are looking to save a little money in the entertainment portion of their event, playing your own music from your own equipment might be something you want to consider. You can play exact songs people may want and you save a ton of money.

However, if you have one of your friends or family man the music, you'll have to rent equipment anyway and that person might not be the best choice for the microphone. Also, if you have a pre selected playlist you want to play, you may have trouble keeping the crown engaged because a playlist can't gauge the mods of the crowd at any given time. This option is a good choice for smaller events with less people.

In these types of situations it's important to remember that you get what you pay for and sometimes the stress of spending more money for the musical entertainment at your event might just be worth it considering the stress you might have if you didn't have someone else take care of it. 

No matter what path you want to go down, let For The Good Hawaii assist you in all your event planning needs. After all, it takes two to tango!

Now let's dance!


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