Creating The Best Work From Home Environment

One of the best parts of my job is the ability to work at home since we have a virtual office. Many others also share this perk within their own jobs as well! For those of you who call home, the office, here are some tips and tricks to help make your home office experience work even better!

Stay Up To Date With News: Sometimes when we work at home, it’s so easy to not notice what’s going on outside of our email inbox! Start your day by turning on the morning news or reading the newspaper so you know what is happening in the world around us. 

Set Up A Space That Is Comfortable and Functional: We've all done it, stay in bed all day and work from our laptops… only to leave bed to get food or pee! While this is an indulgent work treat, I urge you to build out a space in your home that is comfortable, but functions as an office space. Leave the bed for sleep… and other pleasurable activities!

Be Organized: One of the down sides of working from home is not having all the fancy office equipment that you’d find in a usual workspace. Make sure that your home office has everything you need to be productive! This may include printer, paper, pens, pencils, etc.

 Stay On Track: It’s easy to get distracted by the comforts of home, so be sure to make a to-do list and are well aware of your priorities for the day. Carve out times to take a break, but when you are working, be sure that 100% of your effort is dedicated on producing quality work!

So put your PJs on, hop into your home-work space, and have a very productive day!