Monday Morning Mojo: An Entrepreneurs Tips For Overcoming Mondays

Monday’s have you dragging your feet and stuck in the blues? Here’s some advice to help get your Monday Morning Mojo up and running!

 Wake Up Early: I know, this one sounds almost impossible! But when you wake up earlier, you don’t have to rush and you can sit down and enjoy your cup of coffee, hot shower, or other morning ritual.

Invest in You Time: Since you’re already waking up early, you might as well take this opportunity to invest in yourself! Take advantage of this time, before your significant other or children wake up, to get in a quick workout, read a chapter of your new book, or watch the news.

Arrive Early: Coming into work early allows you to take the opportunity to get settled before the hustle and bustle of the new week begins. You can also miss the peak traffic time and enjoy the quiet of the office before all your coworkers arrive.

Organize and Prioritize: One of the biggest obstacles of Monday’s are the seemingly thousands of emails that have piled up over the weekend! Before you dive into them, take a moment to organize your thoughts and priorities that you currently have. Then as you go through your emails, you’ll be able to gauge which tasks you are able to accomplish today and how to best organize for the week.

Socialize: Yes, while Monday’s are a little more tiring and everyone seems to be scrambling in, be the ray of sunshine in the office. Even if it’s just a short “How was your weekend,” as you pass by their office, or a “let’s grab coffee,” it makes a difference in how your colleagues interact with you long term.

Let us know some of your Monday Morning Mojo tips!

Happy Monday!