Date Night Ideas

In the world of dating and romance, finding the perfect activity to do together can sometimes be a challenge.  We polled some of our audience and here are some great date ideas and alternatives to do in Hawaii!

Urban Fever

Hawaii has a growing urban scene that has revolutionized how people shop and dine!  With events like Art + Flea, Eat The Streets, and Honolulu Night Market, it’s the cool thing to spend your Friday nights strolling along the streets of Kakaako sipping on mason jar lemonades and checking out the different boutique’s latest finds!  This fun and casual setting is perfect for date night because there are things to satisfy each of you!  Not to mention, there are some amazing deals and finds at these different events! 

Adventurer’s Dream

For the adrenalin seekers, Hawaii is one of the best places to have an adventure.  With some of the most pristine and beautiful hiking spots, you can get lost for hours in nature.  Grab your gopro, hiking shoes, and lots of water and head up to your favorite hike or trail.  It might be a rough climb up, but as they say, the view is totally worth it!

Foodie Heaven

While going out to eat seems like an obvious choice, you can do so much with this!  With an array of eclectic and unique food options here on the islands, you and your bae can go on a foodie adventure!  Try something different that sounds funny or that you’ve never had and just embrace the experience of being out of your comfort zone.   So skip out on the usual places you go and try something new!

Under The Sea

This one is an obvious!  Hawaii is surrounded by water, so it only makes sense to have some water-based activity as a date.  Shark cage diving?  OK… well for those of us not that bold, snorkeling works just as great!  There are a lot of beautiful snorkeling spots that you can visit to see some of the most colorful and interesting sea creatures ever.  There’s also surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, and more.  The water activity options are endless!


So this one might be my personal favorite.  We all have busy and hectic lives filled with work, emails, and everything that life throws at us.  Sometimes it’s good to just take a little time and have a staycation!  Hawaii is famous for our hotels and being a vacation destination.  Just because we live here doesn’t mean we shouldn't take advantage of it!  There are a lot of resident discounts and benefits so do some research when picking a hotel!  But staycations don’t necessarily have to be in hotels only.  Recently, my beau and I stayed at a lodge right outside the ocean and loved it!  It wasn’t as glamorous as staying in the suite at the Sheraton, but there’s something about being able to walk right outside and hear the ocean waves crashing and look up to see a sky full of stars. 

Kids At Heart

I don’t care if I’m no longer a kid, there will always be a part of me that will have a soft spot for Disney movies, toys, and being able to get those menus that you can color on!  Embrace the kid inside you on your date night and do all the fun stuff you did as a child!  In Kakaako, there’s the Children’s Discovery Center.  Yes, it is designed for children to play and learn, but check it out.  There’s some pretty fun stuff there no matter what age you’re at… but it might help to offer to babysit your bestie’s kid and go!

Just The Two Of Us

I don’t know about you, but when my man comes over with take out Chinese food and some redbox movies, I know I’ve found “the one.”  Sometimes date night doesn’t mean having to go out.  Learning to spend quality time together in simple ways is just as important.  I mean at the end of the day, don’t we all just want someone who will cuddle up next to us as we munch on snacks and cover our eyes as we are watching zombie shows?