Breathe In Breathe Out

As the relaxation and slow-paced lifestyle of summer is dwindling down, it's time to find a new way to find some peace of mind, body, and soul! With a lot of events coming up, it's easy to get stressed and busy, but taking time to care for yourself is essential for your long term success. One of my favorite pastimes is yoga!

I’m not the most active person in the world so running on a treadmill, although from what I hear, therapeutic to some, it definitely did not help for me. I needed something to force me to calm my thoughts and body. I told a girlfriend about this dilemma I was having and she pushed me into the direction of my first Yoga class. I’m telling you, ladies, it changed my life. Yoga isn’t gender specific at all, but as a woman, I find my body going through waves throughout the month (you know when I’m talking about) as to how active I can be. With yoga, we can do it throughout the entire month.

I've only been doing yoga for about a year so I’m no expert, but here are my favorite poses one can do at any time of the day to put a little spring in your step. 

Cat-Cow Pose: This is a great morning pose to open up your spine. First, get on all fours. While looking up at the ceiling, you drop your back towards the floor while inhaling. Then, look down at your belly button and arch your back like a cat while exhaling. Do this for a minute or two.

Warrior One: Start by standing up straight and then step your left leg back. So that it’s directly over your ankle, end your right knee and turn your left foot out slightly. Raise your arms above you and stretch! Hold for thirty seconds and switch sides.

Always leave some time at the end for prayer or meditation to center your mind and body for the day ahead. Do it outside or in the open air to enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been having this spring and take in the blossoming nature all around you!



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