The Wedding Hashtag: Incorporating Social Media in your Ceremony

One of the many delightful perks of living in the 21st century revolves around the ever popular use of various channels of social media. The utilization of sites and apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have allowed for us to maintain connections/relationships and share special moments with friends and family near and far. Due to the amazing reach of social media, many couples nowadays are considering creating a unique wedding hashtag and incorporating it in their special day.

By announcing a clever hashtag to your guests you are opening the door to a myriad of extra “behind the scenes” photos. While nothing beats the high quality pictures from a professional photographer, it can be such a treat to be able to search for your customized hashtag later and find a gallery of surprise photos that may focus on unique aspects of your wedding day. This can also be a fun way to let guests feel even more involved in your special day, as it provides them with an outlet to capture and share fun snapshots and memories. Similarly, this offers an opportunity for friends and family to share well wishes and wedding day reflections in the form of posts. After all of the excitement of the wedding day itself, it can be such a joy to have the opportunity to read comments and/or see photos posted by those you cherish. A personalized hashtag is a great way to ensure that many more celebrations of your wedding day will be captured so that you can treasure them indefinitely.


Richel ColeComment