Raising The Bar

Sure, we all know it, weddings are a time for celebration! And, in many cases, guests are happy to partake in these celebratory measures at your wedding by making a pit stop (or two or three) by the bar. Whether you are serving a variety of wines, signature cocktails, or an array of craft beers, having an open bar is typically a great addition to the atmosphere of your reception.


That being said, why have just one bar? And, no, we aren’t saying that you should plant a keg in every corner of your reception space (although, hey, that would definitely be unique). Consider creating a fun pop-up bar that perhaps features a fun snack or two. This tasty station could be chosen at random, or you could pick an idea based on something that relates specifically to you and your spouse-to-be! Maybe your first date was a trip to the movie theater. How about a popcorn bar? Perhaps you’re an adventurous, outdoorsy couple (or maybe it’s just a Fall wedding). Let’s do a s’mores bar! Decorating with bold, vibrant colors? Throw in a salsa bar to spice things up even further! The possibilities are seemingly endless! Whether you choose to surprise your guests with a donut bar after the I do’s, a bar featuring a variety of candies in order to keep the energy going, or a refined ‘make your own cheese tray’ style of station to accompany your preferred selection of wines, it’s hard to deny that creating a custom bar is a fun way to satisfy your guests and bring a smile to their faces. Plus, given there may be left-overs, who wouldn’t love to take home a little baggie of candy once the night has come to an end? You know what they say, treat yo’ self.


Happy bar hopping!