Outdoor Wedding: Lighting Style Guide

Straight across: We use bamboo poles and have the lighting simply go from one bamboo pole to the other bamboo pole. It's more of a simple design but can really jazz up a reception area! Many couples chose this option because it tends to be more affordable

Criss-Cross: This is very similar to the straight across lighting design. Bamboo poles are also used but instead of having the lighting go straight across, the lighting company will create a criss-cross design (similar to an X).


Fanning Out: This lighting design is where there is one focal point (where we use a bamboo pole), and it is fanned out to other areas in the lawn (with other bamboo poles or a tent to secure it). 


Cathedral: This lighting option is where the highest point (focal point) is in the center, and the lighting drapes down. This is quite a dramatic lighting design as it almost looks as it there is an invisible tent or the lighting is floating. The option is usually a bit more expensive as the installation for this can be quite tricky.

Richel ColeComment