Champagne Is Always A Good Idea

“Champagne Is Always A Good Idea!”



Wedding design is one of our favorite parts of the job! We are always looking for innovative and beautiful ways to integrate our couple’s style into their special day! 


Recently, one of our couples wanted to find a way to create a statement piece that was interactive and fun for their guests. One of the many things that our couple enjoyed was a cold glass of champagne! Wanting to create a welcome drink option for their guests, we began brainstorming our options. An idea that we pitched to them was creating a freestanding wall that displayed champagne for their guests to partake in!



A champagne… wall!?! YES!! With the help of our talented friends at Aloha Artisans, they transformed our vision into reality and built our couple a custom champagne wall for all their guests to enjoy! J’adore Floral Design crafted a beautiful floral piece to accent the wall and make it picture perfect!  It quickly became a must-have photo op station throughout the night, with every guest posing in front of the wall as they grabbed their glass! 



In order to maximize the usage of the champagne wall, during cocktail hour, the wall was replenished with bubbly glasses of rosé!



We had so much fun designing this and everyone enjoyed it throughout the entire wedding!

Richel ColeComment