An Entrepreneur's Thank You to Family & Friends

In the event planning and coordination industry, we get the opportunity to meet and learn the stories of many local businesses. We are always in awe of their journey that has helped get them to where they are today and it's a constant reminder to stay motivated and work hard.

We love hearing how our clients started their companies because they were passionate about something, motivated to make a change, or wanted to create a better life for them and others. As we spend a great deal of time with our clients, we see the blood, sweat, and tears that they put into making their dreams a reality.

These stories resonate so closely with us and all other entrepreneurs out there. Starting a business is hard, to say the least. While the fire of our passion and belief in our concept keep us going, it doesn't come without great sacrifice and struggle at times.

Especially when one is in the start up phase of their business, it is sometimes scary water to be in. We invest our time, talent, and treasures into this thing we believe so much in... And at times it takes awhile to see the fruits of our labor. Entrepreneurs sacrifice, make decisions that could affect them for years to come, and are consistently faced with the risk of it not working out.
But even with all the odds that might be stacked against us, the belief that it will work... It will succeed... We will do good things, continues to keep us going strong. 

In all our conversations with our clients, colleagues, and network, we always here a resonating trend: we couldn't do it alone. While entrepreneurs may start the business, there are so many people that surround us who provide us with the support we need to make our dreams come true.

It's not often acknowledged the sacrifices of those to support business owners. Friends are often our first "volunteer" employees, who spend late nights helping put products together. Or the loving family that supports their adult children/sibling when times are tough.

This concept doesn't only apply for entrepreneurs, but for everyone in life. We so often are moving in this fast paced world that we forget to acknowledge all those who have helped us along the way.

The people we surround ourselves with help shape our success. And we at For The Good Hawaii are so fortunate to be surrounded by the most amazing friends and family.

You may be asking why we are highlighting this in our blog post? It is for the simple reason that we should always remember to be thankful for our journey, and for all who have walked along with us. 

Thank you family and friends. Hug them a little tighter, and remember, they've been with you on your journey.

Let's continue to do good together,


PS. Thank you

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