All About FTG Wedding 365

We the team at For the Good Events, believe that the wedding planning process should be filled with excitement, joy, and magic. But we all know that planning a wedding can be stressful. No matter what, you shouldn't go through it alone. Our goal with FTG Wedding 365 is to help you through the process! 

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What is FTG Wedding 365? FTG Wedding 365 is an online wedding planning program that gives you professional wedding tips and ideas for planning your big day! If you want to take the reins in planning your wedding from start to finish, or our services do not fit your budget, this virtual program is for you. 


What FTG Wedding 365 program offers: 

Over TWENTY video guides covering topics including:
Vendor Selection
And So Much More!
Over 75+ Downloadable Resources & Templates
Industry Expert Interviews

FTG Wedding 365 is all accessible in the convenience of your phone, tablet, or computer to make planning your big day a breeze. The best part is, it is accessible 365 days a year!

To find out more about FTG Wedding 365, and if it is the right program for you, more information is available at

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