Are You Considering A First Look?

Are you considering doing a first look on your wedding day? Along with being a beautiful moment between the two of you, first looks also aid in several logistical elements.

What is a first look, you’re asking? Well a first look is essentially a scheduled time in your pre ceremony/getting ready time slot where you and your fiancé get to see each other in your wedding attire for the first time! This moment usually occurs by the groom faced in one direction and the bride approaching and tapping his shoulder (or telling him to turn around) and getting to capture the first moments that you’re seeing each other! *pulls out the tissues from all these happy tears*

By having a first look, you are enabling your photo and video team to have the opportunity to take care of some of the formal or group photos on your shot list! This means that you’ll have more time later in the day for your other photos, or, to enjoy cocktail hour (since you’ve already taken care of photos prior to ceremony)! 

We typically allocate about 5-10 minutes for the actual first look itself, and then anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour for additional photos of the two of you, your wedding party, or some immediate family photos! This is a great time saver for formal photos later in the evening!

Richel ColeComment