What To Wear! #OOTD

We’ve all had the thought- are we going to be over or under dressed for our event? It’s a pretty common dilemma that anyone who attends events often struggles with. There are several components that a guest thinks about when it comes to their outfits. The venue, the occasion, and the season are a few aspects of the selection. But, if the host is not explicit, or at the very least gives an idea, it leaves a lot of guests guessing what’s the best outfit for the big night.

In the midst of the business surrounding planning your event, often times the host forgets to send out the detail of “what to wear.” It doesn’t have to be a huge description with micro details (I mean, it could be… but not necessary), but it goes a long way in helping the guests be aware of what to expect.

Dress codes are a fun way to make the group connected in a new way! For example, maybe all the gals wear red and the men, blue! Or what if you want all the guests to wear white! It could go along with your theme!

At For The Good Hawaii, we help you remember all the little details! And did you know that we offer a complimentary consultation! Let us treat you to a coffee and chat about your event needs.

Let’s Be The Best Dressed,


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